Santour training

آموزش سنتور در کرج

Santour training

 آموزش سنتور در کرجآموزش سنتور در کرجآموزش سنتور در کرجآموزش سنتور در کرج

Santour training classes are held at Gam Music School by professors who have educational experience and academic education in this field.

The trapezoidal dulcimer is of equal shape and is also considered a stringed instrument. Instruments such as the dulcimer or the law in which the note does not change with the change in string length are also called absolute wound string instruments. Instruments in which each string plays only one note in a fixed stitch.
When playing notes on stringed instruments, tied wounds such as strings, strings, or fiddles. Each string can play several notes.

The dulcimer sound box, which defines the overall shape of the instrument, consists of two trapezoidal plates and a coil of wood that is placed vertically between the two plates.

Naturally, in absolute percussion string instruments, due to the lack of a handle, the general shape of the instrument is the same as the shape of the sound box.
The two upper and lower sides of the dulcimer are about 36 and 90 cm, the larger side is placed horizontally in front of the musician and the musician plays with two wooden beats. The most common type of dulcimer is the nine-cell cello, and its main components are the sound box, the cello, the earphone, and the cord holder. Solid woods such as walnut, free and betel are used to make dulcimer.

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