Samira Nasri

Samira Nasri


Samira Nasri


Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

 Holds a master’s degree in music from Tehran University of Arts.

 Studying music since 2002 by at Isfahan Music Conservatory.

Bachelor’s degree in dulcimer  from the University of Guilan.

 Learning music from professors: Masoud Rezainejad, Ardavan Kamkar, Siamak Aghaei, Hooman Asadi, Bahram Jamali, Behdad Babaei, Hamig Alexandrian, Avansian, Ahad Sianti, Sharif Lotfi, Mohammad Ali Kianinejad, Aydin Aliansab and…

 Member of Guilan University Music Center, holding educational classes and student concerts under the supervision of university professors.

Collaboration with ensembles including shadow sayeh, Anatolian Voice, Hijan Orchestra, Artam Orchestra and….

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