Reza Hojjatzadeh

رضا حجت زاده

Reza Hojjatzadeh

Reza Hojjatzadeh


Holds a bachelor’s degree in instrumental music with a major in piano from the University of Arts

Acheived an excellent rank in the year 87-86 from the Talent Center

Graduated with an MBA from IAU, Dubai branch

16 years of teaching experience in Iran and UAE (Dubai) in two languages ​​(English and Persian)

Membership in various choirs in the tenor section and also as a soloist in the choir of Tehran, Arasbaran Cultural Center, University of Arts

Making and arranging different works for piano visible on social networks such as You Tube

Click on the link to watch the piano tutorial video .

Instructor of piano, music theory, harmony, solfeggio, hearing training and composition

One of the most successful ABRSM instructors in the field

Watch the piano tutorial video

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