Fahime Taqavi

فهیمه تقوی

Fahime Taqavi


Fahime Taqavi


Holds a master’s degree in music from the University of Tehran (Faculty of Fine Arts)

obeo musician and teacher, a world-class musician from Tehran University of Arts

Professors: Prof. Dr. Manouchehr Sehbaei, Dr. Azin Movahed, Farshid Hafitifard, Majid Entezami

Attended the classes of Professor Bangoglucose from Istanbul University of Practitioners, Attended the Master Class in Kinesiology Music, Professor Forough Karimi, February 30, 2015.Passed the course of teaching children’s music and obtained a degree from Masoud Nazar ,

Mr. Sharif Lotfi, Mr. Mehran Rouhani, Mr. Hamid Reza Dibazer, Mr. Amin Honarmand, Mr. Mohammad Reza Tafazli, Mr. Shahram Tavakoli, the late Hamed Mohajer and…

Tuaght at the Girls’ Music Conservatory since the fall of 1995 as Dr. Sehbaei’s assistant professor.

Collaborated in classical and Iranian orchestra,

Pop bands and studio recordings

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