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آموزش ویولن در کرج

آموزش ویولن در کرجآموزش ویولن در کرجآموزش ویولن در کرجآموزش ویولن در کرجآموزش ویولن در کرجآموزش ویولن در کرجآموزش ویولن در کرج

Violin training in Karaj

Violin training is held in Karaj at Gaam Music School.

The violin is a string and bow and is the smallest member of this family. It is unveiled and has more than three octaves of sound.
The violin is the smallest and most widely used member of the western archery family (violin, viola, cello, double bass).
The violin is made of wood and is light in weight and small in size. The components of a violin instrument are the body, the handle and the head.
The evolution that led to the current violin in Europe probably dates back to the 9th century. Many believe that the violin is a perfect example of a lute.
It is a robe maker that later became known as Rebecca in Europe when it was brought to Europe and changed.

Some believe that the violin belonged to an empire in India in 5000 BC. And others know its roots in Africa and even the Arab countries.
The violin is usually placed on the left shoulder while playing and is played with a bow in the player’s right hand.

The tuning of the violin strings from the bottom to the bass are: Mi (first string), La (second string), R (third string), (TB) fourth string, respectively).
The extensive capabilities of this instrument, both in terms of technique and the structure of the violin, have turned it into a very powerful instrument for performing classical and Iranian pieces of music. He is also the main violinist of the orchestra.
In general, the violin is in contact with the 3 points of the chin, shoulder and left hand when it is played, and each of these points bears part of the burden of holding the instrument.
The violin is played by a bow, which generally consists of two parts, the wood and the bow. Bow hair is made of ponytail or synthetic material.
The violin came to Iran at the end of the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah, and because of its resemblance to the fiddle, musicians such as Taghi Daneshvar, Hossein Hongafarin, and Ebrahim Azhang studied the instrument at the Academy of Arts.

The best violin class

Violin class in Karaj   at Gaam School from beginner to professional level is held privately and in groups and is accompanied by live performances. For more information, you can contact Gaam Music School every day from 10:00 to 20:00 .