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About Gaam music school

Gam Music School, while deeply and scientifically examining domestic and foreign experiences and understanding the existing needs and opportunities, strives to raise the scientific and practical level of dear art seekers.
In addition to the importance of theoretical principles, Gam Music School pays special attention to the practical work and performance of students during the training period.

Therefore, the performance hall with a capacity of one hundred people and suitable lighting is intended for students to perform their pieces frequently during the training of students in the presence of parents and audience.

– Classes for playing Iranian, world and vocal instruments

– Composing, arranging and orchestration training courses

– Music training classes for children (Orff) and children’s talent identification by the school teachers at the end of each course

– Performing group playing and school concerts for children

– Forming classes Ensemble and master class for Iranian and world  instruments in the school hall

– Organizing group singing classes (choir)

– Teaching music with ABRSM international method in English for students interested in obtaining international music certificates Karaj Music School

– Holding theory classes Music, solfeggio and harmony

– Online classes

– Student concerts with students and their teachers at the end of each  semester in the school hall

– Performance courses in the studio for high school and advanced students in the studio of Gam Music School

Gam School, if you wish, provides the possibility for parents to attend the class so that they can be informed about the teaching of the relevant teacher with peace of mind.
Gam Music School has a concert hall.

In order to increase the level of students’ self-confidence and their practical progress, at the end of each semester, the pieces are performed by the students and their professors in this hall.
By selecting experienced professors from the University of Arts, the University of Tehran and the Conservatory, music graduates, music authors and elites, and the winners of music festivals, Gam School has created an environment for dear art seekers to learn music with ease.

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